Mastering Different Paint Brushes on a Budget

Wednesday 15th May 2024

So you've got the creative spark, a fresh canvas, and a head full of artistic ideas. But staring down a wall of brushes at the art store can be intimidating, especially for those just starting out. Don't worry, you can create stunning pieces without a pro-level brush collection. The key is understanding the different types and their uses.

Here's a guide to some essential brushes that will help you achieve fantastic results, even on a budget:

The Workhorses: Flat Brushes

• Flat Wash (Size 11): Imagine a wide, loyal friend. This flat brush with a straight edge is perfect for laying down large washes of colour, creating smooth backgrounds, or even blocking in shapes.

 Flat Shader (Size 6): Think of this as the more versatile friend. Still flat, but a bit narrower, it can handle washes and larger details. It's also great for filling in medium-sized areas and creating crisp lines when held vertically.

• Detail Flat (Size 1): The meticulous friend! This tiny flat brush lets you tackle those precise details, paint sharp lines, and add finishing touches.

The Shapers: Filbert Brushes

• Filbert Bright (Size 9): This brush has a wonderfully curved belly that tapers to a point. It excels at blending colours smoothly, softening edges, and creating beautiful, feathered effects.

• Filbert (Size 5): The all-rounder! Similar to the bright filbert, but a bit smaller, it's fantastic for blending on a slightly reduced scale. It's also adept at applying colour in rounded shapes.

• Detail Filbert (Size 2): The detailer with a twist! This tiny brush, with its curved edge, lets you achieve soft, precise blending in small areas and paint delicate strokes with a touch of texture.

The Edgy Ones: Angle Brushes

 Angle Sash (Size 7): Your corner hero! This angled brush is a master at cutting in clean lines, especially along edges and tight spaces. It's your go-to for crisp borders and getting into those tricky spots.

 Angle Bright (Size 3): Think of this as the angle sash's smaller sibling. It tackles detailed corners and manoeuvres beautifully around curves while still delivering sharp lines.

The All-Purpose: Round Brushes

 Round (Sizes 4 & 2): The dependable companion! Round brushes come in various sizes, and these medium ones are great for all sorts of tasks. They can handle bold strokes, create controlled lines, and apply colour with precision.

 Round (Sizes 0 & 2/0): The detail ninjas! These tiny round brushes are perfect for intricate work, like painting fine lines, adding details to eyes, or creating delicate features.

Remember, this is just a starting point! With a little practice and these versatile brushes, you'll be well on your way to creating beautiful artwork, proving that budget-friendly tools don't have to limit your artistic vision.

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