Product Spotlight - Winsor & Newton Cotman Half Pan Watercolour Sets

Wednesday 3rd April 2024

Product Spotlight - Winsor & Newton Watercolour Sets

Winsor and Newton are renowned for their quality products. With the Watercolour Half Pans sets you can escape the studio and get out and about (especially as the weather is getting brighter)

Create anywhere at any time:
When inspiration strikes you'll be ready to capture the views in front of you from tranquil landscapes to bustling cityscapes. With a portable set, you're no longer confined to a studio space.

Compact and Convenient:
These sets are designed for portability, fitting neatly into backpacks or tote bags. Take your art supplies on hikes, picnics, or simply enjoy a change of scenery in your own backyard.

High-Quality Results:
Don't be fooled by the compact size! Winsor and Newton portable sets ensure vibrant colors and smooth application.

Shop our range and explore your creativity! Note the Pocket sets have extra room for you to add your favourite colours. Check out our Professional Watercolour Half Pans here

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